How do I withdraw funds?

In order to apply for a withdrawal, you will need to fill out a withdrawal form.

Please log in to your account in the Tac Markets website and click on "LOGIN" (top right of the website)> “Withdrawal”. Please read through the instructions on the page, fill out the form, click on "Request a Withdrawal", and print out the withdrawal from so it can be signed.

You can then submit the form by attaching it to an email and sending it to info@Tac or upload it on the website by clicking on “Upload Documents”, which is also in the “My Account” page.

What is the minimum amount I need to deposit in order to open an account?

The minimum deposit amount depends on method of deposit:

Credit card : 250 USD

Wire Transfer : 500 USD

*Exception: In the event you use a 3rd party system please refer to your account manager for further details on the minimum deposit needed.

It takes 5 business days to process and send a withdrawal**. Within 24 to 48 business hours, we will verify the withdrawal form and the funds will be removed from the account. Please note that Saturday and Sunday are not business days.

**Once the funds are sent from our end it can take a few extra days to reach your account depending on your bank / credit card company.
In the case of a deposit made with a credit card, we will need a copy of the following documents:

1. A clear color copy of a valid government issued photo ID card (the information on it must match the information you registered with).

2. A clear color copy of a recent utility bill (such as water bill, gas bill, electricity bill, etc.) or bank statement with your full name and address on it (the information on it must match the information you registered with). The issue date of the document is to be within the last 6 months.

3. A clear color copy of the front and back of the credit / debit card, showing all corners of the card. The copy needs to show your name (must match the name you registered with - if it is 3rd party credit card please refer to the required documents for 3rd party deposit), the first four and last four digits of the card number and the expiration date. On the back of the card, we also need to see the 4 digits that are before the CVV code (the security code). You may block the middle 8 digits of the card on the front and back side of it and the CVV (security) code on back side.
There is no limit on how long the positions** can remain open, as long as you have sufficient margin in your account in order to maintain your open positions. This does not apply to Islamic accounts. If you have an Islamic account, then please ask your account manager for further information

Please refer to the Trading Conditions & Charges page in our website for further relevant information.
The demo account is the same as a real account so that you can experience the authentic Tac Markets trading experience. In a demo account you trade with virtual money, while with a real account you must deposit real money before you can start trading. Price feeds are live on both accounts.

Though, we recommend you to start with real account so you will get the information and training needed through our Education Center
You can upload the documents by logging in to the Tac Markets website with your account. After you login to the website, please click on My Account and then on Upload Documents. You may send the documents by email instead to our Customer Support email address info@Tac .
No, you can only trade (open positions, close positions, place and modify orders) when the market is open.