Service Guarantees & Security.

Our responsibility is to protect your finances .Our firm guarantees you various ways to secure your personal and financial information, for there could be requests asking for private and confidential information to provide excellent service to the investor, which makes us fully committed not to disclose any of this information for outside party, except in case of full approval by the owner court subpoena.

By this our firm ensures our investors' privacy, protection, and making sure there's no leak in our customers' information.

We use accurate systems to complete safe financial transactions to keep our customers' money safe and not exposed to any risk of theft, our company deals with trusted bank accounts that keeps the customers' money under the supervision of the company itself, and thus we guarantee no breach by any other party, in addition to the fact that we are working with famous financial institutes with excellent reputation.

We may have our employees look on some of the customers' data only to enable them to provide the best and most advanced services, however , we adopt all means of protection that is compatible with all laws presented , as the data and information of the investor will stay confidential to any outside party for any reason, unless we have the approval of the investor, and that data is only used for the purpose of implementing the requested operation , and we are keen on having a team monitoring and specializing in maintaining our customers' information confidential , that will help us protect and secure the customer from all threats.

The importance of financial integrity is one of our great qualities and guarantees, and through it our firm follows a specific strategy which is sending monthly reports to an external accounting firm, to look over the transactions and to ensure high integrity, in addition, the financial department abides all laws and trading regulations.

We keep the customer's money completely separated from our firm's money to guarantee not using this money for the company's purposes.

Using the latest technology for trading to ensure keeping our traders fully updated on the market watch through our platforms, making sure the customer is satisfied , for our firm is equipped with the perfect team, responding to all their needs and solving every obstacle.

Your trust in us is our success.